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Остальные виды спортаSignature campaign Joubert and figure skating for future!!

Остальные виды спорта: Signature campaign Joubert and figure skating for futureHello, and thank you Joubert fan group Webmastar and Joubert fans. I got permission from Maria and made this topic. I am very glad if you cooperate with our signature campaign.

We are "Figure Skating Fan's Club".

This topic is signature campain advertising of japanese fan's!

We are Figure skating fan. of Japan.
We are fans of Joubert.
Seeing he having accomplished revival in the world championship, and we were mad with joy.

However, there is a thing thinking in doubt to us very much.
Why will he be the third place? With SP, the LP, he gave a splendid performance.
In total 3 performed quads, too.
We think that we cannot understand except he was placed in second, at least.

We think so ISU should be change the base values of quads.
We are collecting signatures to demand ISU to change Figure skating's judging system better.
Therefore We collect signatures.

Thank you!

Kei Yukikawa

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Виктория, ссылку я нашла, но не пойму, куда дальше идти, в какое мосто тыкать...
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Сначала выбери English, потом откроется страничка и там увидишь ссылку синюю в тексте " a signature-collecting campaign " вот на нее нажмешь и там анкетка небольшая - ФИО, страна, возраст и твое мнение по поводу "Этого беспредела в ФК"
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Девчонки, спросите у Кей, может она дать свой имейл?.. На носу ЧМ в Японии, не забыли?..))) Я бы спросила, но на данном этапе французский полностью вытеснил английский из моей головы, ни бе, ни ме сказать не могу...
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Olga Kuranova asked can you give her your email?
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Kei))), we have an idea about Worlds, we need a Joubert's fans help in Japan.
Please send me you answer to

Виктория, спасибо!)))
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Виктория, спасибо за объяснение! Теперь все сделала. ))
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-thank you, Viktoria.
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I will send to you a E-mail.
But... I don't understand Russian and French.
I can understand Japanese and English a little...
Are you O.K?
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I sent to you a E-mail.
Maybe... I am afraid it will no good news...
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Kei, thanks!)))
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Of course I will sign. But I doubt if this will have any good results. The whole new judging system which cost around 4 million dollars was introduced to lessen the cost of jumps, especially quads.
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Thank you, Lyubov!
Quad is especially jump.
Figure skating need to a quads!!
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Kei, you are most welcome!
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I don´t think.that one vote will help the situation.....that`s why i still cant make a decision....
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Thank you, Lyubov!!
I'm very glad!
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I think that there are many thoughts.
All is your freedom.
I never force you.
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Ой, переведите еще, пожалуйста, что я на других форумах ссылку выложила, и там тоже кое-кто голосует))
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OK.I will do it.
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Olya has posted the link on other forums
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Really!? Oh, thanks very lot!!
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Thank you for telling it.
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Thank you, everyone!!
The first signature campaign was finished!!
But, we keep this activity.
The next time, also we hope help to us.
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Kei, of course!)))
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Olga, thanks of lot!!
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Hello, everyone.

Do you think about " Under-rotated " ?
I think ... This rule is decline true quad.
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